2017 Tesla Model 3 Specs

2017 Tesla Model 3 Specs – Tesla Model 3 is one of the most highly anticipated new vehicle in this decade. While the S models are changing the way we see the electric car, the Model 3 was supposed to be a model. Tesla devised 3 became simpler and more affordable, and the company hopes to build millions of them. Now Tesla not only should build a car many times with rates that never existed but had to deliver them and providing services and support to the base of a much larger owner, may be less forgiving. California automakers now are at the early stages of the way of production. Follow along as we pass through the vital points on the Model 3, see why it creates that kind of buzz, and try to understand everything. Look for regular updates here as the story continued to unfold the 2017 Tesla Model 3.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Design

184.8 inches, the width in the width of 72.8 inches, and height 56.8 inches, with a wheelbase, 113.2-inch Model 3 fits in between the established luxury entry which includes the BMW 3-series Mercedes-Benz C-class, and Audi A4. Compared with offerings that Germany, his performances are very different, especially from the front, where he avoided the lattice work that supports aero flush and muzzle and the hood is very low, with the headlights pulled back and rested more on the fenders instead of in the front. The edges of the car. Though his profile is very similar to the Model S, which is the fastback/hatchback, the Model 3 is a five-passenger sedan with a conventional trunk. It allows one of the most innovative design feature in Model 3: the glass roof, which is his bow, undisturbed, away from the trunklid up near the head of an occupant of the front. It also eliminates the typical rear window headers and help maximize the headroom in the rear.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Specs

Tesla Model 3 Exterior

Inside, however, where the 2017 Tesla Model 3 made a much bigger splash. In what could be an ode to minimalism, cost cutting, simplifying the Assembly, or its alloy, Tesla has cleared all the gauges as well as some traditional switchgear from Tesla Model 3. There is no instrument cluster, and the only display oriented horizontally. 15.0-inch touch-screen interface that does not rely solely on the basic info such as speed, vehicle status, battery status, but also for entertainment, navigation, climate control, and settings. If you find the button to turn or physical buttons is clicked, it’s not your car.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Interior

The Interior of the 2017 Tesla Model 3, with all-touchscreen interface-with which we have not spent a lot of time – dramatically different from others on the market. That’s in contrast to the other in the cabin, which is more warm and friendly in the traditional sense and clearly designed to function for passengers and families with insert pockets doors, storage areas, and the cupholders.

There is room for five in Tesla Model 3, officially. Although we’re not sure how many packs that might have been changed from Tesla demonstrated a prototype in March 2016 (the front seats look a little different, for example), we verify that the prototype can easily fit two six-footer, one behind the other, which would make at least 3 Models accommodate as much of the sedan of its size. Tesla Model 3 offers 15 cubic feet of cargo space, luggage is divided between the front and rear cargo area. Rear seat split in 60/40 and will be folded to the front flat (or nearly so), creating a long and continuous space. Reputedly, the opening of a small trunk that still will not make Model 3 became the vehicle of choice for large boxes.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Powertrain

Model 3, such as the Model S, the rear-wheel drive car is in the form of essence, with the AC induction motor. Version of the all-wheel-drive adds a front motor as well as other upgrades including the performance Mode is dangerous. This is expected to be available in the second half of the year 2018. Tesla has yet to determine the capacity of the kilowatt-hours of two battery packs are available, and Tesla Model 3 moves into a nomenclature which is not based on the amount of energy. storage. For now, there will be two versions: standard and Long Range.

The standard version has EPA estimated mileage range 220 miles and will be sped up to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, according to Tesla, while the Long Range version drove 310 miles and costs and is claimed to make the 60-mph dash in 5.1. Seconds. Top speed is listed as 130 mph for the standard model 3 and 140 mph for Long Range model. Tesla Model 3 does not use the same battery technology with the Model s. it uses the format cells with new chemical and formats produced by suppliers of Panasonic. These cells are assembled into battery pack in Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Charging

Tesla is the only car manufacturer who has developed his own network of called the Supercharger. The company said it is in the process of expanding the number of Chargers in North America amounted to 150 percent during the year 2017, to be almost 6500 by the end of the year. Although the Model 3 is fully compatible with the network, you have to pay gradually by filling out the time or kilowatt-hour (depending on the country) for the use of the fastest Supercharger Tesla. To use it, the standard version can recover 130 miles in 30 minutes, according to Tesla, while the Long Range version could have recovered 170 miles in 30 minutes. Tesla vehicles currently charge at the height of 120 kW, and charging their hardware can handle up to 145 kW peak power far beyond-50 kW of which you will find in the grade 3 rapid charger CHAdeMO or CCS (Combo).

2017 Tesla Model 3 Price

Tesla have entered the base price for a Model $36,200 3 ($35,000 plus the cost of the promised goal of $1200), while the Long Range version base price starts at $45,200 including goals. That’s what cut Chevrolet Bolt EV ($37.495) and BMW i3 ($43.395) and only $1755 more, in the form of standards, on the basis of the BMW 320i.

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