2018 Audi RS3 Specs

2018 Audi RS3 Specs – Audi A3 Sedan launched in 2013, just one year after Germany brand introduced the third-generation A3. Offered for the first time in addition to the model hatchback and four-door convertible shares almost everything with his brother. This identical styling-wise except for the deck lid, while the interior is basically the same save some change in the rear compartment. MQB platform built on top of the same with the Volkswagen Golf, A3 Sedan also borrowed its shape in the form of A3 Sportback 2.0 petrol units, including liters up to 2.0 litre and 2.0-liter diesel engine. The same as any other Audi models A3, also gave birth to model the performance of S-and RS-badged.

2018 Audi RS3 Review

In the year 2017, the A3 family will grow including other members. After launching the Sedan, Audi S3 now launches the most powerful sedan, 2018 Audi RS3. Caught testing under the heavy camouflage and also at the Nürburgring track since the year 2015, four-door compact made its global debut was that in 2016 the Paris Motor Show. As expected, the RS3 is a more threatening version of S3, RS4 styling cues shared with a larger 2.5-liter engine and a five-cylinder engine with a version of the award-winning RS Audi Q3 and TT. The sedan reportedly will be crossing the pond to the U.S. in August 2017 to 2018 model year. Until that happens, let’s look more closely at what the rival Audi to Mercedes-AMG CLA45.

2018 Audi RS3 Exterior

Although this is the first 2018 Audi RS3 sedan, its design is more than just familiar. The bottom line Sportback RS3 with luggage, the sedan is nearly identical to Audi RS3 model hatchback. The front end styling language highlighted by new Audi with sharper lines and elements of the RS such as lattice “Singleframe” with a honeycomb filter and Quattro logos at the bottom and the black bar just above the divider. The latter appeared on the model RS several years ago and extends across the entire width of the fascia to the incoming side air vent. The new LED front light covers light typical signs during the day, but the LED Matrix units are also available.

2018 Audi RS3

Audi RS3 Exterior

To the side, you will see more features that were previously seen on the RS-badged model. There’s a roaring fire of the wheel arches, which make the sedan 20 mm (0.8 inches) wider than the standard A3, beefier skirt side, black window trim, black visor, wheel rims, engines and larger brake caliper with the logo “RS”. Behind him, the sedan features a spoiler, luggage cover and diffuser with vertical fins for improved aerodynamics, as well as a pair of oval tailpipes. Sporty look enhanced with a badge “RS3” under the left rear light and rear 14 mm wider track (0.55 inch). On top of this, additional features of the Sedan’s exterior colors also get RS3 Nardo Grey and Red Catalonia’s exclusive from RS.

2018 Audi RS3 Interior

In the 2018 Audi RS3, you will find the layout design is almost the same as in S3, but with extra stuff included with the badge “RS”. For example, the front seat features a heavier buffer fitted with a badge, “RS”, while the Steering has a flat-bottom design that is more sporty. Both were wrapped in black Nappa leather and comes with a logo “RS”, while the instrument panel and door panels showing inlay RS-specific. Customers who want to take the sedan on the track may choose more contoured seats are optional with integrated head restraint and diamond pattern upholstery. 2018 Audi RS3 sedan also benefits from the latest Audi virtual cockpit, which includes screen TFT 12.3 inches and not a mechanical gauge cluster. When you use the default setting in, it displays the speedo/tach combo, whereas fashion infotainment allows screen displays navigation information, phone, and audio system. MMI also lets the driver choose between three display modes. They include the screen a special tachometer moves the RS to the Middle, with tire pressure, torque and g-force on the left and right. When the transmission is operating in the manual mode, scale with the background color of the signal on the driver to use the paddle wheel or lever regulator to upshift when approaching the maximum round.

2018 Audi RS3 Engine

As expected, the Sedan version of the RS3 jusnya get 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine that was originally developed for the Audi TT-RS at this time. Turbocharged mill producing 400 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque, as in the TT-RS. It requires a compact sedan 4.1 seconds to Sprint from 0 to 62 mph, which makes it just as quickly as the AMG and the CLA45 peak at 155 mph. Upon request, Audi will raise the top speed is limited electronically be 174 mph, something that you can’t get from Mercedes-Benz. Showing light alloy crankcase, engine light also 57 pounds of its predecessor. Thanks to the double injection into intake manifold and combustion chamber, as well as piping systems for the control of the variable exhaust valve, this unit also provides optimal power development at low levels of consumption. At least that’s what Audi claimed because we are still waiting for the official fuel economy numbers.

Friends of five cylinders to three cylinder S Tronic transmission, acceleration of the seven that sends power to all four corners of the Quattro wheel drive through a system that is already familiar. Torque is distributed between the axles is varied, with most sent to the rear wheels with encouragement. The sedan is also equipped with a selective, steering torque control progressive rear axle, 4-link suspension setup, and 25 mm (one inch) is lower than the standard model. Stopping power comes from discs 14.6 inches with an eight-piston caliper at the front and discs 12.2 inches to the rear. Optional, Audi supplies carbon-ceramic front disc brakes.

2018 Audi RS3 Price

The 2018 Audi RS3 Sedan begins from $54,900, which is an incredible, $12,000 premium over the S3. This makes the RS3 the most costly vehicle in its specialty. Discover how much the opposition costs underneath.

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