2018 Dodge Viper Rumors

2018 Dodge Viper Rumors – Unlike much of its competitors, the Viper is a pure-blood sports automobile developed with one word in mind; the speed which is clear once you take a close look at it. The very first generation was released back in 1992 and since then the vehicle evolved enormously in what it is today, one of the purest driving experiences on the marketplace. The drawback is that SRT managed to sell just around 500 systems a month while GM managed to offer a lot more Z06 Corvettes which made them consider stopping the design. Fortunately, though the Viper will not be left out and not too long ago Dodge said that an update remains in the works with the 2018 Dodge Viper.

2018 Dodge Viper Review

Many individuals believe that the finest chance for the upcoming 2018 Dodge Viper to be a successful sports car would be to end up being a less expensive model and while this is partly true, a cheaper car would not truly make excessive sense considering the targeted market. The new Viper would make a lot more sense if Dodge would improve the quality of its interior and if they would add an automated transmission to the mix. We understand this would be a departure from the initial but there aren’t all that lots of people happy to drive a handbook daily and this has actually been shown by the Z06 which offers mostly with automatic transmissions.

2018 Dodge Viper Exterior and Interior

On top of that, an automatic transmission, probably an 8-speed system, would make the Dodge Viper more friendly by a lot more people and the new engine, which will also be tamed at lower revs, should make it fantastic everyday cars that would be able to compete with the Corvette.

2018 Dodge Viper Rumors

Dodge Viper Exterior

he rate is not likely going to change however if it will continue to cost as much as in the past, the 2018 Dodge Viper will have to offer a far better interior, specifically considering that there were many issues with the current model, both in regards to products and finish. The new automobile will likely get an entirely brand-new interior with more storage areas, more room for the motorist and its passengers along with materials befitting such a pricey sports car.

2018 Dodge Viper Engine and Performance

Another large update we are anticipating from Dodge is the engine that will gear up the brand-new Dodge Viper. While the big 8.4 liters naturally aspirated V10 is really interesting and quite effective, it would likely not be able to meet all the emission requirements quite soon so a new variation of it and even a totally brand-new engine would make a lot more sense. There are some rumors which recommend that the upcoming model of the car is getting a European-developed engine that will be like nothing before it. We still hope that 2018 Dodge Viper will go for a V10, however, thanks to contemporary engineering, they would easily be able to make a 5 liter or smaller V10 with twin-turbochargers that would quickly be able to offer near 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, all while being lighter and a lot more efficient than the old V10.