2018 Ford Focus RS500

2018 Ford Focus RS500 – Version hard-core Ford already crazy again Focus RS hot hatch called the RS500. All kinds of vents, scoops, and spoilers suggest a set of comprehensive upgrades that are intended to improve the performance of the trajectory. Expect the car to be significantly declined for lighter weight and to display wheels and tires for better grip. The suspension is likely to be more rigid than in the RS standard, and rem must also be larger. The power may not be increased, but much lighter weight and an upgraded chassis would have to improve its performance. The model seen in spy pictures we are, without a doubt, beefier version of the RS at this time. Of course, the details are somewhat less, and the shot-the shot came ahead of official confirmation from Ford, but there is no denying that the Blue Oval has something up his sleeve. The best part is his model is already close to production, with a second round of spy shots showing the small change from the former as Ford perfecting the aerodynamics of the body features.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Exterior

Though you might expect from a beefier version of the 2018 Ford Focus for sports much extra aggression on the outside, it looks like Ford will only do a few changes. In fact, the front fascia, grille, and front air dam is almost unchanged. The very top of the fascia, right between the headlamps, looks a little tilted forward to give the Ford emblem display a more dominant. Veils itself maintains the same form and muscular body lines, but now there are vents functioning located on each side of the hump. The other striking difference is in front of the insert that surrounds the air channels in every corner of the fascia. On RS standards, it just inserts, but on a model spy shot, pits in is actually a functioning ventilation, so as to allow better air flow toward the front brake.

2018 Ford Focus RS500

Ford Focus RS500 Exterior

Profile of mules is identical with the Focus RS standard, but this car has the appearance of being slightly melodic, while sitting a little lower. In fact, the small gap between the tire and the wheel arches in the RS there is no standard on this model, with the front tire barely have enough room to clean out the wheel arches while playing. The wheels are also different, featuring a more open design with five double-spokes and black finish.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Interior

Of course, we haven’t been able to see the inside of this test Mule. That said, I don’t expect to see something so different from the current RS. The front seat can be replaced with a more sporting unit high-end, with a hole for a five-point harness, and the car may have a revised steering wheel with a flat bottom and more control. The instrument cluster is likely to get carried away, however, it will sport the logo of 2018 Ford Focus RS500 contrary to RS logo. Next, I would not be surprised to see a fully digital instrument cluster. Outside of some of this, Ford will probably throw some food is better here and there, plus a new color scheme. If not, hope can see systems infotainment and center console are the same. On the thinking that infotainment system can be adapted to support the new 2018 Ford Focus RS500 driving and features that are included as part of the model. If nothing else, hoping to see the startup screen custom Ford Focus RS500.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Engine

Like the story that’s usually the case, we have not received any official information on what will drive this crazy heat hatching. Because it’s sure positioned above the RS standard, we can say with certainty that it will generate more than 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. The question is, how the heck will incorporate EcoBoost Ford 2.3 liter that produces all that power? There are several options to consider here. First, Ford was able to fine-tune the engine and ECU mapping to produce a decent lump. It could include the use of a larger turbo, or combine a set of smaller turbos to help improve performance and low power. Then again, Ford could also surprise us by stuffing a small V-6 under the hood. In the past, Ford has been using the name 2018 Ford Focus RS500 to identify the version of RS that restricted its use limited 500 units. So that’s how that happened here, which means you better start ranting your local dealer about booking now if you want to get one of your hands. Then again, 500 could indicate that the Ford Focus RS500 will generate 500 horsepower.

2018 Ford Focus RS500 Price

The price of this hot hatch is a great mystery, and will be determined by how recovering above the standard RS. With the standard RS ranging from $35.900, I do not wish to see the RS500 sold less than $40,000 with only a minor upgrade, so if Ford made it out, it can be started in a place closer to $43,000. This really depends on how much.

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