2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review

2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review – Back in May of 2015, it was announced that Jaguar desired a child crossover to slot listed below the Jaguar F-Pace. More just recently, we got some spy shots that we ultimately determined were shots of the new child F-Pace– or E-Pace as we’re now calling it– doing some very early testing in disguise as an Evoque. That the Jaguar E-Pace was wearing an Evoque body offered leads us to think that the infant SUV will probably be underpinned by the same platform that supports the Evoque. Considering that the prototype was using the body of the Evoque, we had no chance of understanding what kind of visual design cues we’ll see with the E-Pace, but that does not stop us from speculating– a minimum of up until we see the E-Pace testing in its own skin. So we took exactly what we currently learn about the Jaguar E-Pace, in coordination with the most reputable reports, and did exactly what we do best– we create a making of exactly what the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace might look like when it makes its long-awaited debut.

2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review

Regardless of the truth that the E-Pace will probably ride on the older platform, we think our artist nailed this rendering. With that said, let’s take a long, great appearance at this rendering, and what we can anticipate from the upcoming 2018 Jaguar E-Pace.


If our artist is accurate, the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace will highly look like the Larger F-Pace. In advance, we see a lot of the F-pace. The grille, air dam, corner vents and headlights all appear like those from the F-pace, albeit a bit smaller. On the E-Pace, there will likely be body cladding on the lower part of the fascia, and the contrasting inserts in the corner vents have actually also been neglected. The headlights are of the very same design, however our artist chose to go with clear lenses for the running lights– a much cleaner look than the orange lens on the F-pace if you ask me. The hood also appears to be about the exact same, however our artist chose to go with more noticable body lines. The mirrors look similar to that of the Jaguar F-pace, however we don’t believe the E-Pace will have that fender vent. If that is the case, that sharp body line on the front door will likewise be non-existent on the E-Pace.

2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review

Jaguar E-Pace Exterior

As you can see from the rendering, the rear end is where many of the significant changes can be seen. There is still a fixed window behind the rear doors, however it is a fair bit smaller, and the C-pillar is also substantially smaller sized. From the look of things, the E-pace will likely have to do with 10 inches much shorter than the F-pace. As normal, our artist didn’t render the rear of the automobile. Be that as it may, we still think we’ll see similar, wraparound taillights, but they will just twist around by an inch or 2– thanks to the much shorter body. There ought to still be an overhang on the rear hatch to give a sportier look, and expect to see a similar rear diffuser.


2018 Jaguar E-Pace Review

Jaguar E-Pace Interior

Our spy photographers didn’t get any shots of the interior, however even if they did, we would most likely be taking a look at the interior of the Evoque anyhow. I think the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace will take on an interior just like that of the F-Pace. Anticipate to see a similar steering wheel, instrument cluster, and center console design. The cabin itself will most likely be a dual-cockpit style. A horizontally prejudiced infotainment screen will comprise most of the center stack, with a high-sitting center console installed between the two front seats. Of course, that is simply speculation. Until we get some shots of the genuine E-Pace, your guess about the interior is simply as good as ours.


Thinking about the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace will most likely be underpinned by the Evoque’s platform, anticipate to see the choice of a couple of four-cylinder engines. In Europe, expect the E-Pace to take on a couple of diesel powertrains comparable to the TD4 diesel readily available in the Evoque. Those engines put out 150 PS and 180 PS, so anticipate that kind of output in the E-Pace. I would truly want to see a V-6 makes its method into the E-Pace, but given that the Evoque doesn’t have that option, I doubt jaguar will go the additional mile to construct a V-6 for the Evoque platform. You can bet it will only be readily available here in the U.S. and will probably be readily available in the Evoque in the coming years as well if they do.


It is way prematurely to talk about rates at this point. Offered the reality that Jaguar is so early in the testing phase that it is still utilizing a decoy body, we will not see the E-Pace till at least 2017, with it striking dealer display rooms in 2018. Considering that the E-Pace will be smaller sized than the F-Pace, we can anticipate a smaller sized ticket price as well. The base-model F-Pace retails from $40,990 at the time of this writing, so expect the E-Pace to strike dealers with a retail cost somewhere in the $30,000 to $35,000 variety.